- Are the crewnecks true to size ?

Yes they are.

However, all the crewnecks & hoodies are unisex sizes, they can be a little bit loose when you choose your size. If you want an oversized look you can go up 1 size.


- Can I choose other colours even if they're not on the list ?

It depends if the colour is available, you can always ask us before ordering just to be sure we have the colour you want.


- If I choose a design with a dark lettering on a dark crewneck colour, will the embroidery thread be changed ?

Yes always!!

I always change thread colours if I have to. You can also request a specific thread colour if you want, you just need to send me an email or click on the box "chat with us" and I'll be happy to guide you :)


- Can I change the size of the item once it's ordered ?

Yes of course. However, it's better for us if you make the change the next 24 hours after your purchase (that way you won't have to wait longer to receive the good size).


- Can I include a message or a card on a package ?

Yes!! We love it when you ask to add a little touch to your gift for your special loved ones.


- Can I receive my order sooner than the production time ?

We are still adjusting ourselves to the volume of orders, but if it's for something special or a specific date you can ask us if it's possible and we will try our best to add a rush to your order. 


- Can I order in bulk or more than 5 items, and is there a special price ?

Yes of course it's possible. You can make your request just HERE


- Can I choose ''pick up'' for my order ?

Not at the moment, but we're working on adding the pick up option soon.


- If I order a pre order item and a regular item, are they going to be shipped together ?

Yes. If you have a pre order item in your order, you'll receive your package once the pre order item is ready to be shipped out. 

If you don't want to wait 2-4 weeks to receive the regular item, you'll have to order them separately.


- What's the best way to contact you ?

By email: info@atelierhiboublanc.ca  I'm the only one who answers all of our inboxes and it can get messy sometimes. I apologize if it takes me more than 24h-48h to answer you. 



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